Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where to Look For Red Wing Pottery Prices

Red Wing pottery is a very famous pottery which was originally produced in a small town of Minnesota also called Red Wing. The company which first produced this pottery still exists nowadays and and it is pretty successful having sold thousands of remakes and antiques belonging to this pottery. When looking on the market for this pottery you will find many antiques which have a relatively high price. However if you are interested in finding out more information about the prices of this pottery, you should check out a few books that specially include prices, pictures and examples of this special pottery.
There are plenty of books which were originally written to show prices and interesting facts about this remarkable pottery. These books can usually be purchased as hard copies on most large bookstores or as downloadable e-books on many online bookstores. Typical examples of these books include "Red Wing Dinnerware" written by Ray Reiss which usually costs around $15 or even less. This book includes pattern information and prices. Another great book is "Red Wing Art Pottery Two" also written by Ray Reiss and costs $30. This book includes valuable info about the pottery's past and development and can also serve as a guide if you don't know much about this type of pottery. "Red Wing Stoneware, An Identification and Value Guide" written by Dan DePasquale, Gail Peck and Larry Peterson costs less than $15. This wonderful book provides arguments related to patterns and designs.
There are also cheaper books that can be found on the Internet too, but if you are lucky enough you will also find free e-books that will help you out too. In general, books like the ones previously mentioned will also give you other useful information such as how to tell authentic pottery from the fake reproductions, combining it with the interior of your home and so on. Do not hesitate to buy these books because they will last forever and they will also guide you while looking forward to purchasing this unique pottery. Good luck!

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