Saturday, October 13, 2012

Collecting Red Wing Pottery

If you are willing to collect Red Wing pottery then you must know that it can be very hard time after time. The reason why people admire this pottery is that it is old yet very artistic. There are plenty of people who love collecting this pottery because they make a perfect set of dishes. These dishes include colorful plates, cups, vases, bowls, casseroles, figurines, and many other similar dishes.
To start your very own collection of Red Wing pottery then you must have some knowledge about this pottery and you must also have patience, courage and some money to spend. The first step you need to do is to browse different guide books related to this pottery, such as "Collectors Encyclopedia of Red Wing Art Pottery: Identification & Values" by B.L. and R.L. Dollen, which can be bought on large bookstores and on the Internet.
After buying this book you need to look into the designs, patterns and prices and determine what your collection will look like. It is very advisable to join Red Wing collectors' groups online which will offer you more knowledge. Afterwards you need to visit antique shops or online auctions to decide which dishes you will buy.
If you are lucky enough you might also end up buying cheap antiques on flea markets. But before you go out on a shopping spree for these antiques you should always research on different sources about this pottery so that you will not end up buying fake pottery. After creating your artistic collection your next task will be to find the proper place to display it. It is very nice to display your antiques on a closet next to your dining room so that everyone will know that you are a collector. Wishing you the best of luck!

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