Sunday, September 30, 2012

Horse Pack Trips and Trail Rides in Alberta, Canada

Experiencing nature by taking a horse pack trip through the stunning scenery of the Canadian mountains can be a soul-searching, fun, and unique experience.
Horse pack riding adventure trips offer many alternatives with regard to comfort level and daily activities. A typical horse pack trip includes daily trail rides that are led by an experienced guide but some may offer the freedom for some independent riding. Guests may take day trips and return the same camp each night; others may move from location to location during the vacation utilizing teams of horses and covered wagons. A common element of horse pack trips is mixing the trail rides with other nature activities such as fishing, canoeing, or hiking on foot.
Accommodations on horse pack trips can range from the very rugged to the posh. To get the real essence of an outdoor ranching or riding adventure, visitors may want to sleep in primitive tents in a sleeping bag on a cot. Visitors are often required to bring their own sleeping gear and personal essentials while the stable hands and organizers supply the rest. Most packages include all meals made with ingredients reflective of the old west.

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